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With more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of electrical connections for the automotive sector, C.E.E. APTA offers its customers tailor-made products of the highest quality.

At C.E.E. APTA, we transform and handle wiring in installations for all kinds of electrical appliances and across multiple sectors, including:

  • Auxiliary automotive industry.
  • Lighting.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Machine tool.
  • Electrical panels and control systems.
  • Health sector.

The C.E.E. APTA has a highly qualified and specialised team of personnel that offers the possibility of collaborating with the client on product design, with the aim of optimising manufacturing costs. The support of high-technology process automation for wiring makes it possible to manufacture products with high technical requirements at very competitive prices.

Our more than 25 years of experience in the automotive sector makes the production department of the automotive division work under very high standards of quality and self-control. At C.E.E. APTA we have a wide portfolio of material suppliers, among which we can identify the most appropriate pieces for our clients’ needs.

We work on the following line of business

We transform wiring

Our cutting and crimping section has multiple technologies for the manipulation and transformation of the electrical wires. From the simplest to the most complex products, we always design the process with the goal of obtaining the best cycle time and the highest quality.

For this we have MEGOMAT and KOMAX cutting and crimping machines (Kappa, Zeta and ZetaSP), which add to our automatic operation capabilities:

  • Double conductor crimping in the same terminal.
  • Gasket installation in terminals.
  • Ultrasonic welding of multiple conductors, with the possibility of protection by taping.
  • Tip tinning.

We also have semiautomatic crimping machines, semiautomatic ultrasonic welding machines and semiautomatic wrapping machines.
All cable transformation processes are carried out with 100% quality control thanks to:

  • Electronic quality controls, measurements in each automatic machine cycle.
  • Statistical control of traction at the wire/ terminal junction and crimp height.
  • Dedicated maintenance workshop for tool approval and maintenances..

Wiring Assembly

For creating wiring in which a number of individual cables are combined, forming a functional connection bundle, with the addition of polarised connectors, fixing systems and electrical elements (such as fuses, diodes, resistors, relays, etc.), we have dedicated assembly lines for each project that are defined according to the needs of each client.

At C.E.E. APTA, everything is made according to a standard definition of process, from the simplest products, mounted on a work table by a team of personnel, to the most complex ones, for which we have assembly lines in mobile chain.

Our conception of manufacturing makes flexibility and quality are the most important factors, which allows us to perform work both in discontinued lots as well as in projects of constant volume, defining a delivery plan with our clients that best suits their needs.

And of course, product quality is guaranteed by:

  • Automatic electrical verification of electrical continuity, positioning of connections and presence of electrical elements in 100% of the units manufactured.
  • Automatic check of connection tightness, presence of mechanical elements and push-back systems (control of the correct insertion of terminals in the connections).
  • Visual controls of 100% of products prior to packaging.

AptaSafety manufactures and markets Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Workwear, tailored to client requirements.

We offer a comprehensive customer service function, ranging from safety advice to personalised and individualised product delivery, including the design, certification and manufacture of garments.

We have a team of professionals in charge of providing personalised and flexible account management to meet the needs of each of our clients.

We specialise in:

  • Our AptaSafety branded flame retardant and antistatic clothing for all industry sectors.
  • Our AptaFire branded clothing for fire fighters; response suits and light clothing.
  • Personal Protection Equipment for the whole body.
  • Our AptaWork branded workwear.


We customise your workwear in our clothing workshop, incorporating your brands and logos on your garments and adapting it to your corporate image:

  • Logos or brands can be included by screen printing, digital printing, transfer or embroidery.
  • We offer adaptation, incorporating reflective tapes, hooks, pockets, velcro, etc.
  • Manufacture of special sizes.

We work from our own product range, providing new ideas and generating exclusive designs, aiming to adapt to specific client requirements, in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of each product. We create fully functional garments customised to the corporate image of each client.

We provide a service tailored to the needs of each client throughout our product supply chain, providing appropriate solutions that meet the highest demands of all customers. We supply all additional elements required to complete the workwear or personal protection equipment. We handle the entire process: planning, manufacturing, stock management and replenishment, logistics and maintenance.

fabricación textil


This product range is designed to provide professionals in the field of fire prevention and extinction (urban and forest firefighters) with technical solutions which combine protection, comfort and ergonomics with a modern design, personalised to the needs of the individual user.

Our product line includes First Response Clothing, Light Garments, Forest Response Clothing and all complementary accessories.

We develop and test our own technical fabric ranges, to offer the best solution for each requirement.

All our garments are manufactured according to current technical regulations, certified to support the functionality of our products, and continuously updated to comply with changes in legislation.

We use high quality technical fabrics:

  • Boasting fireproof
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-cut
  • Anti-acid
  • Waterproof
  • High-visibility
  • Anti-bacterial features.

Outsourcing through CEE APTA allows our clients to focus their resources on the phases of their process that add the most value, improving their competitiveness without sacrificing a quality service, adapted to their needs.

Centro de empleo APTA

Advantages of outsourcing with us

Cost Improvement

  • Reduction of costs thanks to our competitive rates.
  • Better rates than a Temping Agency.
  • Outsourcing with a lower rate per hour than established in our clients’ agreements.


  • Technical team with extensive experience and qualifications.
  • Production and quality standards in the automotive industry.
  • Design and adaptation of the service according to the client’s needs.


  • You only pay for what you need: conversion of fixed costs into variable costs.
  • The service may be provided in our own facilities or we can provide it in the client’s facilities.
  • Agility in the processes of increasing or reducing productive capacity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Working with C.E.E. APTA means collaborating in the socio-labour insertion of individuals with disabilities.
  • Contracting with C.E.E. APTA allows companies with more than 50 workers to comply with the Law on the Social Integration of Disabled People (LISMI).

What services can we offer

General services

The aim is the partial or total management of all the services and processes necessary for a company’s buildings or facilities to run perfectly.

  • Reception, switchboard and/or Concierge services.
  • Internal mail service and mail distribution.
  • Dispatching, reception and transport of goods.
  • Room management.
  • Adaptation of spaces.
  • Internal communication services.
  • Client satisfaction measurement.
  • Building cleaning.
  • Vehicle cleaning.


  1. 1. We identify your needs and expectations.
  2. 2. We design your outsourcing process.
  3. 3. We provide the appropriate organization.
  4. 4. We integrate the necessary team.
  5. 5. If necessary, we invest in technical infrastructure.

Industrial services

Wide range of assembly, logistics and quality control services, in our own facilities as well as our clients’:

  • Different industrial material handling and assembly, in the client’s facilities or in ours, based on units and components with added documentation and labels to facilitate traceability.
  • Assembly of different sub-assemblies or complete components, according to the client’s technical specifications, using our own tools or supplies and machinery owned by the client.
  • Wide range of ancillary services, including the packaging and preparation of the final product and getting it ready for distribution.
  • Selection and classification of components and/or products that do not meet the specifications.
  • Verification of a wide range of materials, to verify that they meet the quality standards previously established by the client; by means of visual inspections, gauges and/or with other measuring instruments.
  • Space available for carrying out quality controls based on the product requirements.
  • Restoration of defective parts and components rejected during selection, using special tools according to the product for subsequent inclusion in the production chain.
  • Repackaging of final products for launches and promotions.


Auxiliary services and processes that do not constitute the core of the client’s business, adding value and efficiency:

  • Unloading of material with customized machinery.
  • Pre-assembly and sequencing of materials.
  • Reception of raw materials. Classification of goods.
  • Physical storing of goods in warehouses.
  • Product Inventory.
  • Computerized recording of the movements of goods in storage.
  • Supply of production lines under “Just in Time” procedures.
  • Picking, Kitting, Packaging.
  • Order preparation.
  • Palletization
  • Material dispatching.
  • Truck loading.

We operate with experience and excellence

The extensive experience gained since 1981 from outsourcing all kinds of projects, as well as the knowledge available in the rest of the C.E.E. APTA Divisions, in highly competitive industries, allow us to offer all our clients an excellent service guarantee.

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