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The Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón Association of Parents and Tutors of Old Students (APTA, Asociación de Padres y Tutores de Antiguos Alumnos) is a non-profit organisation declared to be of public use, well established in the Principality of Asturias, which includes 300 mentally disabled people and has over 225 members.

The Origins

Its origins date back to 1979, in the facilitates of Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón (organisation where currently only the name remains, being completely autonomous) when a group of mothers and fathers, after the end of their disabled children’s special education, considered what to do to facilitate their development and social and occupational integration, creating what was then called a Protected Workshop. Nowadays, the APTA Association, with recognised prestige in Gijón, has become a benchmark in Asturias in the comprehensive care of mentally disabled people due to its specialisation and dedication.

As a result of their efforts and dedication, after the aforementioned Protected Workshop in 1979, a Special Employment Centre (first Spanish company to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification) was created in 1981 which currently employs 281 people (of which 243 are disabled). It exports its products all over the world (electrical wiring, facilities for motorbikes, protective clothing at work, lamp components, etc.), has two occupational centres (with 46 posts) and launched the care home project for ageing disabled people, thus completing the cycle of training (occupational workshops), work (special employment centre) and retirement (care home), which has always driven the actions of this organisation.

Declarations of institutional support and public use.

In 2015, all the political groups present in the Council of the Principality of Asturias, as well as those in the Gijón Town Hall, unanimously gave their support to the social project carried out by the APTA S.L. Special Employment Centre.

Gijón City Council

Principality of Asturias

Home Office

The company

APTA S.L. Special Employment Centre (C.E.E. Centro Especial de Empleo) we are an Asturian company located in Gijón. We have spent over 30 years working for the socio-occupational inclusion of people with disabilities, believing that it is possible to combine financial and social profitability. Proof of this is the success of our project, which has allowed us to be a benchmark in the industrial sector in Asturias.

APTA C.E.E. offers services to its clients with a high level of technology, quality and innovation in its three areas of activity:

  • Outsourcing services (AptaService)
  • Manufacture of electrical wiring (AptaWire).
  • Design, certification, manufacture, personalisation and sale of work clothing and individual protection equipment (AptaSafety).

Serving the company

With over three decades of dedication providing a wide range of services, we currently have an extensive team of professionals working with a passion for service and improving the competitiveness of our clients, thus becoming a strategic partner.

In the last few years, we have opted for a strong diversification of our services and products to continue contributing to the improvement of our clients’ results.


Mission and values

APTA is an Asturian company that generates and manages stable and conveniently adapted work opportunities for people with a disability, primarily for those with a mental disability.

Our activities are competitive and follow the highest levels of social profitability and efficiency in management.

We compete in highly professional markets and we do so against the current, prioritising the occupational development of people with more support requirements. In this way, we aim to consolidate a company model of socio-occupational inclusion every day, which is a benchmark in our society.

Composition of our team




The company was started in 1981, from the drive of a group of parents and professionals related to the world of mental disability, through the Sanatorio Marítimo Association of Parents and Tutors of Old Students (Bros. of San Juan de Dios, Gijón) with the aim of carrying out company activities that would allow the creation of jobs for people with a disability.

At that time, 8 workers led by 1 manager began to carry out an activity which nowadays is one of our main divisions: the design, manufacture and sale of protective clothing. After this activity, new lines of work were gradually incorporated to generate two more work divisions: the manufacture of electrical wiring and providing outsourcing services to the industry. Since its creation, the growth of the company has been fast and sustained, moving from a team of 9 people to more than 200 who are currently members of our organisation. In this same period, the facilities have changed from 240 m2 in 1981 to over 4,000 m2 today.

Together with investment in fixed assets, the growth of investment in machinery, equipment, industrial organisation, human resources and training has followed a similar rhythm, in order to be able to provide our clients with a competitive company structure capable of providing added value solutions. Said growth has been based not only on the increase of our portfolio of clients but also on the diversification of our activities and the training of our employees. Our three work divisions now have full guarantees that meet the different needs of over 200 national and international clients.


In 1998, the ONCE Foundation (through the FUNDOSA GRUPO, S.A., business division of said Foundation created in 1989), joined our company’s shareholders, contributing to further reinforcing our company’s capacity and commitment to the socio-occupational integration of people with disabilities.


In 2016, faced with the company’s new needs to face market challenges, the shareholders established a shareholder’s agreement through which FUNDOSA GRUPO S.A. began to support the APTA project via a subsidy directly through the ONCE Foundation and the Ilunion Group.


Download the transparency in management of public administrations funds document.

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Excellence and quality

Excellence and quality

We conduct all our work following the most stringent procedures and quality controls to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

We are members of the Asturian Quality Club and we have the ISO 9001 certification.


Specification for the ethical and professional management of special employment centres

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    Excelencia y calidad

    Excelencia y calidad

    Realizamos todo nuestro trabajo siguiendo los más exigentes procedimientos y controles de calidad, para asegurar la satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

    Somos miembros del Club Asturiano de Calidad y contamos con la certificación ISO 9001.


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