People, our driving force

Shared effort, commitment, talent, enthusiasm and innovation.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing electrical connections for the automotive sector, C.E.E. APTA offers its customers tailor-made products of the highest quality.


We offer a comprehensive service to our customers, from advising them on security to personalised and individualised delivery, working with them through the process of designing, certifying and manufacturing their garments.


The Services Business Unit allows our clients to focus their resources on what they know best by outsourcing.


Serving the industry

APTA S.L. Special Employment Centre: We are an Asturian company located in Gijón. For over 30 years, we have been working towards the social-labour inclusion of people with disabilities, proving that it is possible to combine economic and social profitability. Proof of this is the success of our project, which has allowed us to hold a place of reference in the industrial environment of Asturias.

The C.E.E. APTA offers its clients services with a high degree of Technology, Quality and Innovation in its three areas of activity:

  • Outsourcing of Services.
  • Manufacturing of Electrical Wiring.
  • Design, Certification, Manufacturing, Personalisation and Commercialisation of Workwear and Personal Protection Equipment.


  • antolin
  • bitron
  • alsa
  • siemens
  • iberdrola
  • acerlor
  • man
  • ou-pont
  • once
  • ilumion
  • elecnor
  • bp
  • crown
  • dow
  • e-on
  • gureak
  • honda
  • triom
  • rinder
  • atressa
  • mitsuba
  • saint-gobain
  • goldney-electronics
  • fae
  • piaggio
  • alcoa

Final customers

  • volvo
  • bmw
  • bmw_motorrad
  • volkswagen
  • porsche
  • renault
  • ford
  • peugeot
  • audi

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